Friday, 3 February 2012

2Thumz Down: Bahrain City Center Redesigned Car Park

A-maze-ing mess

More annoying than Alice in Wonderland's maze... Bahrain City Center parking lot

Where do I start?
How about with a selection of visitors’ tweets:
@imran_al_aradi: "I'm at Seef because your parking lot annoys me to death”

@waleed_anthony: “@BahrainCityCtr and your reason for changing the carpark is......... ?”

@HzMajesty_: “Lord we thank you for @BahrainCityCtr parking lot... for giving us all a person to unitedly hate!!”

I don’t understand what the problem with the original parking layout was.  The new layout makes no sense, is overly complicated, is way too tight to turn in.. the list goes on and on.  And even worse, it looks like building permissions were not obtained from the relevant authorities, as per General Director of Urban Planning at the Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning (below tweet).

01/12/2011 23:36
City Centre should have obtained approval before they changed their parking lot design from us. "should have being the key word" #bahrain

Why isn’t BCC management listening to the customer feedback they have received? Does anyone check their mentions on Twitter?  Or are they satisfied with their footfall to the point that they think visitors’ feedback won’t make a difference to their bottom line?

Let us not forget that many of the main shops at BCC have branches at Seef Mall.  And because Seef Mall is relatively quieter, you can more often than not find the sizes and the types that you are looking for….
I know where I’m headed this weekend… and it’s not BCC…

Verdict: 2 Thumz Down, and only because I don’t have more thumz.

Do you agree? Please post your comments, let’s get the message across!

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  1. Bahrain City Center today responded to one of my tweets with the following:

    "Hello, We are looking to improve the car park to ensure a good shopping experience to you all. We appreciate your concern."

    This is the first response I have seen acknowledging the problem so thank you for that, @BahrainCityCtr. Hopefully we will see some action to follow.

  2. I followed up with @BahrainCityCtr after I noticed that nothing seems to be being done. They responded as follows (as received):

    "Bahrain City Centre would like to thank customers for their continued feedback on our car park. The mall will be making further enhancements and improvements to the car park starting early this month and we have taken many of your comments and suggestions into consideration. The works are being made to facilitate a smoother experience for visitors to the mall including greater access from major road networks, ease of navigation and better circulation across the various levels. We would like to reassure our valued customers that comfort, convenience and overall visitor experience to the mall remains a priority, and the mall will continue to monitor the works to ensure minimal disruption for visitors during this time."

    We will keep waiting and watching I guess :)


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