Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Limited edition watches from Toy Watch

Bring on the Bling
Missoni for Toy Watch, $445

Limited edition Missoni for Toy Watch, currently out of stock.

Toy Ring at Toy Watch, £75

I'm not a Toy Watch fan. I don't get the craze, and I don't like the watches.   But two of their recent limited edition products are simply to DIE FOR.  When I read that Missoni was collaborating with Toy Watch I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.  It was so exclusive that most stores had only one of each and by the time I decided to buy one at Selfridges in early 2011, I had a very limited selection to choose from.

It took some getting used to since I'm not used to big watches, but it never fails to get praise when I wear it.

Where to buy from: I haven't seen these watches in Bahrain, and they are no longer stocked at the major retail stores in the UK.   The company website, http://www.toywatchusa.com/product/585/ currently lists the watches as out of stock.  I haven't tried buying from Toy Watch online so I can't vouch for delivery reliability.

Price: $445 online
A few months after I bought my Missoni for Toy Watch, I was once again at Selfridges and-- since I'm not a Toy Watch fan-- just passed by their shop.  And in the display was the next item I knew I had to have- the Toy Ring.
Available in 5 colors, this is exactly what it says it is.  The colors are really fun, and when worn it's quite a showpiece. It took me a day to think about if I wanted one- because after all, I'm not a Toy Watch fan :) The next day I went back, spent maybe half an hour trying on all of the colors, and then buying one for myself and another for a friend (not because I'm generous, but because I couldn't settle on just one color!).  Each ring comes with two other interchangeable sizes so if you want to share with someone who has a different ring size than yours, you can!

The last time I had a ring watch was in the 80s, and I was a (non) funky teenager, but this one is the perfect grown-up blingy version of it. 

I guess I am a Toy Watch fan after all....

Caution: If you are scared of bling, do not approach.
Where to buy from:  At the time of launch, I bought mine at Selfridges in London.  They said they didn't have a large stock but that may have changed.  Alternatively they are listed on Selfridges' website so you can buy them online http://www.selfridges.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?storeId=10052&catalogId=12151&langId=-1&freeText=TOY+RING&x=0&y=0 .

Price: £75 

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