Sunday, 26 February 2012


Gallery of Interior Design, Art and Fashion

Shopping experiences are as much about the venue as the products sold.... and perhaps the best example of this is Anthropologie. A gallery of sorts, featuring industrial-style art, signature interior design, and funky homeware, kitchenware, clothing and cosmetics, Anthropologie is a delight to shop at even if you just want to browse.
Anthropologie on London's Kings Road is an industrial style space with an indoor water fountain

A selection of skin and bath care from Anthropologie

Set of four painted bird print dinner plates

Selection of mugs from Anthropologie

An Indian-style oversized clutch from Anthropologie

Set of measuring spoons from Anthropologie's kitchenware selection
Citric dress from Anthrolopologie's clothes collection

Black print cocktail dress

Ivory dress with ruffled sleeves, Anthropologie 

The stores each have different interior designs, but are all light and airy, and very spacious.  The clothing range is whimsical but to be honest when I go it is normally for the kitchenware and selection of candles rather than the fashion. Brightly colored knick knacks, displayed in a way that makes you feel you have stepped into someone's home or kitchen are hard to beat; if you are looking for classic, you won't find it here.

Anthropologie has a great bathcare range with a selection of the most amazingly smelling natural soaps; my favorite is Mistral almond milk soap which is all- natural and has small grains that scrub while you wash.   Its soy candles are long-lasting and also smell divine.

Occasionally, they stock handbags and accessories that are truly unique, and their outerwear is also worth checking out.

Where to buy: my favorite Anthropologie stores are the one in Kings Road, London (pictured above) which is like an industrial space and has a great water feature, and the New York City store by Rockefeller Plaza.  If you want to check out their products, their online store has everything on offer but the experience is in visiting the store itself.

Prices:  In the US, prices range: lip balms: $4; soaps starting at $7; dinner plates: $24; candles :around $15-$25; handbag (pictured above): $128 and dresses: around $200 depending on design.   Be warned that the UK shops' prices are significantly higher.  


  1. I want to live in the Kings road shop...and own everything in it.

  2. i LOVE the dresses!


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