Monday, 13 February 2012

Conserving water- Mobile Eco Wash

Back-yard car wash

My entire carwash fitted into this hatchback Kia

Several service options available

Delivery is the best invention since sliced bread.... and it has gone to a new level with Eco Wash mobile waterless carwash.

My car was in DIRE need of a thorough clean and I called a friend to get advice on the best carwash shop to take it to.  Seems like I'm really behind the times because he told me that I don't need to take my car anywhere anymore- there's a company that offers mobile waterless car polish. It sounded a bit shady so I asked him to ask people who have tried the service on what they recommend.  I was given Eco Wash's contacts and advised that they would do a good job.

I called them at around 6:30pm on a Friday, requesting an appointment for the next day.  They told me they will have to get back to me because they had someone else booked who had yet to confirm.  At 9:30pm, they SMS'd me saying that they can book me an appointment at 1:30pm the next day and took my address. 

I live in a relatively new area and usually my address doesn't show up in GPS.  I was expecting to get calls asking me for directions but at 1:30 on the dot, Eco Wash had arrived.  All of their equipment was in the back of their car (image above), and two men started working on the car.

It took two and a half hours (the car is two-door) for a detailed clean topped with soft polish, including leather treatment and carpet cleaning. Their work was intricate and by the time they were done all traces of spilled coffee (yup!), dust, etc., were a thing of the past.  

The convenience of having this all done in your garage is simply unbeatable.  Conventional car wash companies that require you to drop your car off will usually take a full day if you drop it off in the morning, so this is by far more time-efficient.  Best of all, the cost was really reasonable- I paid BD 25 (plus tips) for the all-encompassing polish, but you can get treatments for as low as BD 8.  So a service that is convenient, cost-efficient and helps the environment.. who can complain??!

Verdict: 2 thumz up!

For more information on EcoWash call +973 17 490 565.

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