Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My favorite body wash

Minty Clean in a bottle at Bath and Body Works

Hi, my name is _____ and I'm addicted to bath-care.

From Molten Brown to Palmolive, I can't resist testing whatever is on the market. But a few years ago I spotted something that looked interesting, and no matter what range I diversify into, I have always come back to this.

Refreshing peppermint body wash from CO Bigelow Apothecaries, sold at Bath and Body Works

CO Bigelow Apothecaries' Mentha Body No 1411 is a refreshing peppermint scented body wash that exfoliates while it washes.  Distinctive in color and scent, this cleanser invigorates you and is a perfect wake-me-up scrub for those mornings when you want to crawl back into bed.  It has a real cooling effect and unlike many other gels, actually lathers when mixed with water.  You can't help feeling that your skin is going to squeak after you use it- it is that fresh. And even better, it can be used by both him and her, unlike many other body washes.

Where to buy: I used to stock up on this whenever I went to the US but now this is available in Bahrain with the long-awaited opening of Bath and Body Works (Seef Mall and Bahrain City Center).  They only recently introduced it here so if you want to try it hurry up and buy one before I finish their stock :)

Price: BD 5 for 295 ml (around USD 13.3, compared to USD 12 in the US).


  1. Im also addicted to bath products and creams and lotions and and and....... :D

    Tnx!!Ill surely try this one :D

  2. any other recommendations from other b&b products? i'm getting this one today :)

  3. Hi, I personally like their foaming hand wash (try the green apple) and their anti bacterial waterless hand foam is one of my handbag staples (try warm vanilla sugar). Also, in winter they issue limited edition scents, my favorite of which is the winter candy apple... but the stock doesn't last long so watch out for it early :)


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