Sunday, 4 March 2012

BBK Customer Service Rep sets the Benchmark for Service

Taking responsibility- Mohammed B at BBK Riffa, Thank You!

I am so pleased to publish this post by my first guest contributor, Zain, a reader who was so impressed with the customer service representative at BBK that she wanted to share her story:

BBK's Financial Mall

"Last Monday afternoon (Feb 27, around 3:30pm) I went in to BBK's Financial Mall in Riffa. It was a quiet time for the busy bank and I took my stub and waited for my number to be called. I was there to print a bank statement and had to select the "Customer Service" option. There were a few customers with the customer service reps and so I waited for at least 10 minutes or so. As I started getting slightly annoyed the ping called out my number and I went to the assigned desk. I was greeted by a rep named Mohammed B. With a genuine smile he apologized for keeping me - something I found wonderful especially that it wasn’t him who was causing the delay. I sat down and with good eye contact he asked how I was and how he could help me.

Now don’t get me wrong, the service at BBK is good; however, the tellers or reps are always (understandably) under pressure and so eye contact is minimal, responses are monotonous and curt. So Mohammed's demeanor was refreshing. He took my information and was faced with technical problems, but throughout the delay he was chatty – something he clearly didn’t have to be – but I felt he wanted to fill in the silence as his system cleared. He was pleasant and respectful, and every once in a while, apologized for keeping me. At this point I had no problem waiting purely because of his empathy towards my waiting.

 I’ve dealt with customer service reps before where delays are often greeted with grunts and sighs, mindless tapping of fingernails on table tops, and a nonchalant apology.

Mohammed made it his responsibility to make sure I was comfortable and kept busy while he saw to my request.

It is people like him that are to be made examples of– friendly, respectful, and focused on great customer service."

I LOVE hearing about Bahrainis who are shining examples of professionalism! Very refreshing to hear, and if BBK is reading, please take note of Mohammed B's performance!

And a special thanks to Zain who shared this with us ...

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