Friday, 16 March 2012

Discover Islam event disturbs neighborhood

My post today may be controversial but I really need to report this.
I was picking my friend up from her house in Adliya (in the Alumni Club area) for dinner at around 8:30 last night and there was this blaring noise coming from somewhere close by.  We were stuck in traffic for the longest time around the Al Fateh junction and realised that the lecture by Dr Zakir Naik was being held in the mosque’s courtyard.
Lecturing about Islam while disturbing numerous residential areas

We had our dinner and at around 11:20 I dropped her home, and we could still hear the noise really loud. I reached home and it was after midnight when she told me that it was still going on (the flyer said the event started at 7:45pm!!) and she had called 999 and the organisers to complain.  999 told her that they were not aware of the event  nor what time it was expected to end. 

She then called the organiser (Discover Islam) and someone by the name of Zuhair answered.  She complained about the noise level and how late it was for this lecture to be going on, and he apologised and informed her that it was about to end (around 12:05am).

He then sent her an sms saying: “We are extremely sorry for the inconveniences caused, hope and pray you will forgive us.”

She replied: “I thank you for the msg and appreciate your response.  I pray next event you bear in mind usage of loud microphones at this late hour at night or using a closed venue. I know it’s for a very good cause and the advancement of Islam inshalla.. but Islam also promotes consideration to neighbours and rest of society.  How can we promote Islam to others if we don’t respect timing and space? I apologise if I’m harsh now but please understand we at this household have had a very long week and now we can’t sleep.  As I’m sure many in the neighbourhood feel the same.  Hope this event is successful and inshalla ends soon as you mentioned. Allah with you all.”

To which she got back: “Sister, I have good news for you.  8 people embraced Islam  tonight.”

Seriously?? Isn't that besides the point?

Al Fateh mosque- surrounded by densely populated residential areas including Juffair and Adliya
Now, I  really don’t care what kind of event it is-- it could have been a sporting event for all I care—but for it to last that long while disturbing all residential areas in its vicinity is ridiculous.  Religious events should not have different regulations than other events- if you are causing noise pollution, then you are disturbing people.  And for the authorities to have no idea what it was nor to place rules on the organisers in terms of timing is really outrageous.

I realise some people may find it sacrilegious of me to say this—after all, 8 people embraced Islam—but the lack of consideration shown by the organisers is unacceptable.

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  1. I understand why you are reporting this, But i think the event was held where it should be, A) Because it is about Islam and Al Fateh Grand mosque is a house of god, Muslims and non-Muslims attended this event.
    B) If You google just a little about Dr. Zaker you will find that the crowd who attend for his lecture, seminars or what ever are no less than 20.000 each. So No theater in Bahrain would bare that much of audience there.

    Lecture started at 8pm and ended sometime around 11, But then an hour was given for questions and answers, Non-Muslims had the priority that no Muslim had the chance to ask any question accept for one lady at the end and she was just asking for an advice.

    It was Thursday so it was a weekend night.
    Based on my personal experience i had to move from a place to another to hear his lecture clearly, so i do not understand if you were far away on the road and you can still call it "Noise".

    About 999 informing your friend that they had no idea about it i would just blame the operator because if it was not authorized from Ministry of Interior it would not happen anyway, for people of Al Fateh do not do anything that is considered against the law.

    I hope you can excuse them and us (who attended) for any inconvenience.


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