Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Freshest Crispiest Salad at Cafe Italia Bahrain

Addictive Apple and Walnut Salad

Quick and healthy lunch options are a rarity in Bahrain and so when you stumble on one it is hard to let it go. If you are looking for a simple but scrumptious salad, look no further than Cafe Italia (City Center branch). Although they have a range of salads on their menu (including a mixed mushroom and rocket salad and a pear and walnut salad), my absolute favorite is the apple and walnut salad.

Apple and walnut salad at Cafe Italia City Center

With a rocket and lettuce base, this salad comes with green apples, walnuts and feta cheese.  I substitute the feta with parmesan and the combination is out of this world. The dressing is a lemon dressing, which is not too sour, but the salad is drizzled with a balsamic reduction which achieves the perfect balance between sour and sweet.

The Seef branch has most of the same salads, but you can taste a significant difference in  quality of ingredients as Seef is a lower -tier and less expensive branch.  I have tried a couple of the salads at the Adliya branch, and don't find them as tasty as the City Center ones.

The service at Cafe Italia City Center is top-notch. If you so much as look up, a waiter comes to you almost immediately.  Their serving style, manner and efficiency makes the whole experience really pleasant.

Cafe Italia at Bahrain City Center
I dare say that their salads are the freshest with the crispest of ingredients I've had here.  And given the dining options at City Center (and no, I won't mention the parking), Cafe Italia is up there with the best...

Prices are reasonable, slightly higher than  the Seef branch and lower than the Adliya branch.  This salad is BD3 .2 and is also available for takeout.

Contact: Cafe Italia City Center branch: +973 1717 8595

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