Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spa Review- The Chedi Muscat (3/3)

The Spa at The Chedi- Ultimate Bliss

The welcoming area at the Chedi Spa, with featured products displayed in cabinets
The Spa lobby

The Chedi Muscat Spa is, in one word, divine. I went after a long day in the evening, and the drive up (in hotel's buggy) instantly set me in the mood.  The soft lighting, quiet gardens, and then that gorgeously lit pool right outside the spa is the perfect mood- setter for what you are about to experience.  Go by buggy from main hotel, as the way is really dark, which makes the destination even more unexpected.

The Spa is housed in a long building overlooking the beautiful Long Pool, which has very romantic night seating. 

You climb up a storey of stairs and when you walk into the building you automatically feel zenned out.  The lobby is softly lit, with dark tones of brown and a design that reminded me of some of the best spas in Asia, like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, for example.   

One half of the private spa suites, with bath and footbath.
The shower and hammam room is to the left
The Spa suites are amazing, each one is self-contained and comes fully equipped with hammam, bath shower, two beds and foot baths.  Once you are inside the suite, it is all very discreet and isolated, giving you that perfect escape.

When I booked, I couldn't decide between spa packages so I asked them if they could build a customised package for me, which they agreed to. My 2-hour package consisted of a back massage, the ila head massage and hair masque, The D'Orient facial, and a steam bath. 

The back massage was shorter than I would have liked, due to the customization within the 2 hour package, but it was blissful.  Using the right amount of pressure, with the exact right movements in the exact right places at the exact right time, using argan oil which is known to be vitamin-rich with medicinal benefits.  I didn't ever want to it to end, but like all good things, it did...

The products used in the treatments are available for sale

For the ila hair massage and masque, the therapist used an ila hair masque, combined with Himalayan salt for energizing and detoxifying, which can be used either as a body scrub or for hair.   The masque was left in for 10 minutes or so while the scalp massage was done- which was a lovely firm pressure- point massage.  Head massages always calm me; it's as if all negative thoughts are massaged out of my head and replaced by peace!

The crystals were a brown mixture that hardened in my hair, and after washing it out in the steam bath, my hair felt really smooth.

I LOVED how the steam bath and shower are all confined within the same room.You walk in and go through the steam bath section without realizing that’s what it is, and then while the masque is in your hair, the therapist  prepares the steam bath and leads you to it and you are suddenly sitting in your personal hammam! There is a built- in rain shower in the middle of the hammam, so once you have rested for 15 minutes in steam, you just turn on the shower next to you and rinse off the masque.  This is by far the best designed spa suite I've ever been in.

I then had the D’orient facial which revolves around argan oil products.  They use either rose water or orange blossom water toner, cleansing milk with argan oil, exfoliating gel with argan oil, and argan oil is also used for the face massage. It is topped off by a night balm mask while she does a gentle scalp massage, and then followed by moisturizer with argan oil. 

I recommend that if you are going just for a facial not as part of a package, get a more specialised treatment as the D'Orient facial was kind of standard.  Best of all she regularly used hot towels during the facial which is just heavenly.

At the end of the treatment, orange blossom cream was applied to my body serving as a calming treat to mark the end of a wonderfully relaxing two hours. 

I LOVED THEIR SPA. I highly recommend you come as a couple and enjoy it together..   Needless to say I had the best night's sleep in a really long time that night.. thank you Chedi!

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