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Bahrain Restaurant Review- Chef Suzy Massetti's Masso

Fine Italian Cuisine cooked with home-grown ingredients

Guest contributor Zain explains why she never says no to Masso.

"My heart skips a beat whenever my husband answers “Masso” to my question: “Where do you feel like having dinner?” 
Rustic design for fine dining

Consistently delicious with a cozy / classy Mediterranean restaurant, Masso redefines your typical dining experience.  From what I hear (and sometimes see), the Chef is a passionate woman with years of experience, she handpicked each item on the menu and that truly shows in the colorful and very unorthodox menu. 

Masso offers daily specials in addition to its regular menu
I took my husband out for his birthday and when I asked for a good table, we got the best one in the house.  The staff are always friendly and Bridget was our server.  She had served us a few times before and her knowledge of every single item on the menu is impressive.   She recommends good dishes and has impeccable timing in terms of taking order, refills…etc.

The restaurant is quite dark inside so reading through the menu tends to be an eyestrainer. 

Flashlights needed to read the menu at night!

My all-time favorite dish that I order each and every single time is the pumpkin ravioli with truffle oil.  This has got to be the most delicious pasta dish I have ever had the pleasure of devouring.  An entrée, I order it as an appetizer – a move that allows me to skip a typical salad to start with and have good and hearty food as both my starter and entrée (not for the dieters).  For my entrée I usually opt for the fillet steak and as always – it is juicy, succulent (medium well does that), and full of flavor. I've previously tried the parmesan-crusted chicken breast and it was simply to-die-for.  The side we ordered was the grilled zucchini – which consisted of about 10 strips and cost BD4** (surprisingly).

Pumpkin ravioli, BD5.5, popular choice at Masso
One of the waiters recommended the lemon sorbet as a light and refreshing dessert.  It was served beautifully – in a frozen half lemon.  The only problem was the spoon was so big that the sorbet was consumed in literally 3 spoonfuls.  When we got the bill I found out that it was FOUR DINARS – a hefty price for such a small and simple dessert.  I would have appreciated a heads-up when told about the dessert.  Having said that, all the dessert items are priced at BD4 and above – and the dessert selection is quite average.  Something unexpected for that price.

Extensive ice-cream menu

Lemon sorbet, BD4, creatively presented

The main dining area at Masso

We did notice that the bill was slightly above what we expected. The total was BD52 for 2 starters, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert.  We shared a bottle of water and I had one soft drink.  Not sure why there was a jump but we do know one thing for sure – the food is delectable, the ambience trendy, and the service impeccable."
A private room for large groups

Contact: Masso is located at the Palace Hotel, tel: 1772 1061.

** Post-publication correction: the zucchini side dish costs BD 3, not BD 4 as mistakenly mentioned above. 


  1. Thank you very much for both your nice words and compliments about our restaurant and for the heads up on some of the pricing! Very good points that I will immeditely tackle! Just to explain, we priced all side dishes and desserts the same but that it might not been actually the best idea! Some are definetly more expensive and larger in size but as you noticed it effects negatively the lesser ones! :-( my apologies for that and thanks again! Come back soon, Chef Susy

  2. Dear Zain & My2Thumz,
    Let me personally thank you for the kind words of your blog review of our Restaurant! I passed the comments to Bridget (your waitress) which was all over the moon about what you said about her!
    Many thanks, keeping my team motivated and happy is one of our goals! In thanking you for the compliments on the menu and the dishes, I want to particularly thank you for bringing to my notice our downfalls such as the pricing in few of the items you mentioned. I must admit that your observations are correct, with one small note (if you allow me ) the side dishes are priced BD 3 not 4. We decided to price all side dishes and dessert one price to keep it simple and needless to say, some are more costly that others to produce, as you know we use only organic produces. However I immediately rectified the portions as you are right, both the zucchini and the sorbet are too small!
    As per the lighting I’ve corrected a bit the intensity of the lights, will see in the next few days how it goes, even though it is sooooo romantic and cozy at night….. :-)
    well, i sure hope to see you soon again, Chef Susy

  3. Thank you Chef Suzy for such a welcoming approach to our feedback. It's lovely to see remedial action being taken immediately based on customer feedback... TWO THUMZ WAY UP!!

    To other restaurants in Bahrain: watch and learn :)

  4. Masso has recently added new items to their menu and the food has never tasted as good. New starters include risotto balls (a huge portion with 3 pieces and an extra spicy sauce), fried tomatoes and others. We had a chocolate orange cake that we simply could not get enough of- rich, fudgey with just the right amount of orange flavor. The pastas are as always superbly fresh- I also just tried the tortellini which is probably the best I've ever had.

    If you want to go light, try the side dishes- the butternut squash is simply amazing.


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