Monday, 9 April 2012

Mama Mio Skincare with No Nasties

Calling all Yummy Mummies

When Mama Mio products hit the headlines, it was mainly for their anti-cellulite and pregnancy skincare.  Products like Tummy Rub, Boob Tube, and their Bootcamp 30 day treatments were flashed across beauty magazines as the new must-haves. Promises to ‘bust your gut’ and ‘rehab your abs’ hit all the right nerves and it was quite hard to find the products you wanted in stock.

I was drawn to the line for two main reasons- the promises to treat your body well and the all natural “no Nasties” mantra that is attached to the products.  I didn’t try their bootcamp regime and I can’t say that I used the products daily, but simply as skincare products, I really like the items I’ve tried.

The O-mega range comes packed with omega oils and you can choose shower or skin-care products as you like.  I’ve tried the wonder-full balm, the “Vaseline” of the range, which can be basically applied anywhere you have dry skin- I use it mainly for my feet and elbows.  O-Mega Body Buff is a great exfoliant, which you apply to dry skin before you shower, and consists of pumice, sweet almond oil, aloe vera , chamomile and vitamin E.  I really like this product because it makes a noticeable difference in smoothness. 
Some of Mama mio's O-mega range of products

I’ve also tried the Lucky Legs lotion which is a spearmint-y light cream that refreshes and cools as it touches your skin (although the smell is quite toothpaste- like).  It absorbs immediately but is a bit sticky so put in on when you have some time to put your feet up.

And finally, the iconic Boob Tube, which promises that within one week of daily use, you will ‘notice a change in the quality of your skin’.  This is quite a rich texture cream that you use from your neck to right under your boobs.

What’s nice about this range is that the descriptions and instructions on the packages are funny and you can really feel that the makers of the products believe in what they are selling you. For example on Shrink to Fit, a hip and thigh cream, (“because lipo sucks”), they explain as follows:

“Girls, Shrink to Fit is not a one night stand.  For the next thirty days you need to massage two pumps into each thigh and cheek daily. You have at least 190 pumps-worth in this bottle It is going to feel difficult to spread it all around- but that is the point!”
Where to buy: Mama Mio  can be found at most department stores in London including Selfridges, Debenhams and John Lewis.
Prices: starting at £16, with most prices between £20-40, and up to £90 for the bootcamp package sets.

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  1. I'm definately getting this on my next trip. Thanks for the tip!


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