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Prego at the Royal Golf Club- Bahrain Restaurant Review

It's called Prego.  But it should be called Pesto. Because they use it on just about anything and everything....

I went to Prego on a Friday for a laid-back lunch, with no expectations. The Royal Golf Club was quite busy; they serve a buffet lunch which was where most of the guests were, but Prego was also busy.  It has both indoor and terrace seating, and since the weather was really nice we sat on the terrace which overlooks the pool. The setting was lovely and relaxing, and with perfect weather you feel like you are really far away.   

Terrace seating overlooking the pool at Prego

The interior of the restaurant
The menu consists predominantly of pizzas and a smaller selection of pastas, as well as a few meat dishes.  The appetizers include bruschetta, grilled vegetables, scampi and calamari, soups and salads. There is also a kids meal for BD 4.500 consisting of either a starter size pasta dish or a small pizza, a drink and icecream. 
Bruschetta appetizer

Grilled vegetables
We ordered the bruschetta, which was quite good and crunchy with a tomato onion salsa, the grilled vegetables which had been brushed with a pesto mix and were served hot, the caprese salad and a vegetarian pizza.  Both the vegetable dish and the caprese salad tasted strongly of pesto, which was fine in the case of the vegetables but sort of killed the caprese salad as you couldn't taste the simplicity of the cheese with tomato.   The buffalo mozzarella used was also a bit rubbery, not as soft as the cheese should be. 

The pizza was really disappointing; firstly it was drowning in sauteed diced vegetables with mushrooms that I could almost swear were from a can, and secondly, even with all those vegetables there was very little taste. It went back half uneaten because it was really not worth the calories!
The vegetable pizza

Caprese salad with overpowering pesto
Though unimpressed with the food thusfar, we went ahead and ordered dessert as they had a warm chocolate cake with vanilla bean (except it wasn't) ice-cream (15 minutes preparation).  This wasn't bad, the chocolate was gooey but a bit starchy with the texture of chocolate pudding rather than chocolate molten cake.  Again, nothing to write home about. 

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice-cream

The service was also slow- there were only two waiters on duty serving the terrace and when we first got there there was a large table of families and getting the waiter's attention for my table of two was a bit of a pain. 

Having said this, I do think that as a pool terrace restaurant, for families using the club facilities and wanting to grab a bite to eat, it serves its purpose, but only if you are seated outdoors (the inside is a bit dark and gloomy).  And in terms of a pool menu, it is a healthier menu than the usual burger and shake. They have also just started a delivery service to Riffa Views, so the convenience factor should get them a steady flow of customers. 

However, should you plan a dinner there and drive out to try it? I definitely wouldn't. 

Price: Our total bill was BD 24.500 (including three non-alcoholic drinks), which isn't bad but all of our dishes were vegetarian.  Appetizers are priced from BD2.400- 5.800; pizzas are around BD 4-5 and desserts are all BD 3.500. 

Contact: Royal Golf Club Prego Pizzeria on +973 17 751263.

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