Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Whimsical Mackenzie Childs Homeware

Walking into its narrow doorway on 57th Street, you would never guess what lies beyond. You feel as if you've stumbled upon the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and all you want to do is admire the crockery. Completely different from large chains like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn, Mackenzie Childs is whimsical and colorful (and not cheap).
Mackenzie Childs store on 57th St, NYC

With contrasting stripes, polka dots and bold prints, the kitchenware here is not for the fainthearted.  Full dinnerware sets, teaware,cutlery.. if it belongs on a table then they've designed it.
Tableware in bright floral prints

Colorful hardware to brighten up a wall
Their signature black and white checkers are used freely on their products, and feels like someone took a huge brush in ceramic class and had a painting party... to be honest most of the items are too loud for you to buy more than a couple to add a splash of color, but they are undoubtedly serious conversation starters.

Home furniture collections

A range of garden furniture

I usually visit the Manhattan store just to browse; I really love seeing the colors and contemplating buying a teapot (everytime!) but both the boldness of the colors and the risjk of breakage on the way home given the prices quickly make me change my mind.  If I had a little cottage in the country with  nice garden, though, I would definitely be the proud owner of as many items as I dare!
Kitchenware for whimsical tea parties

The Manhattan store mainly carries kitchenware and houseware, but a full range of garden furniture is also available online. If you're in the City, even if you don't have the plan to buy anything, DO visit the store and take a look!

Image marked with an ** is own image- all other images taken from Mackenzie Childs

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