Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Smart Phones = Smart Marketing?

This post is taken from @Isa_AlMoawda dedicated marketing blog, MktbyIsa. 

So which is your favorite? iPhone or Galaxy??


iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy: The Marketing Battle

You might argue why an iPhone is better than a Galaxy, or the opposite. But have you compared between the two rivals based on their marketing strategy? Most people don’t. Here I’d like to analyse their story through a marketing perspective. You might argue, and that’s a good thing to figure different perspectives (it will be my honor to comment on your perspectives on the comments).

Disclaimer: The following will be an analysis of the marketing strategies of Apple and Samsung, some might feel offended by how the rivals find each consumers. I apologize.
The iPhone Revolution:
No wonder Apple has owned ‘Innovation’. They used new technologies (huge screen, fast processor, human friendly interface) and leveraged their iTunes library to fill consumers needs, and did it before everyone else. They also made sure it looks like nothing else, a very innovative design, packing, advertisements. In another word, Apple positioned iPhone as an innovative smartphone.

Smartphones. Was iPhone the first smartphone in the market? It looks like it but it’s not. Smartphones were out way before Apple even invented the iPods (so were tablet PC’s). But what Apple did, they made smart(er)phones, and the smarterphones became the smartphones.
Makes sense, right?

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